Born on the streets of Galway in 2012, BiancoSporco is a unique multicultural musical collective, formed by an unusual group of musicians.
BiancoSporco specialises in creating and composing an eclectic mix of original tunes and authentic arrangements of world traditional music
A BiancoSporco gig has been described as Vigirous, Spirited, Lively, Energetic, an experience for all the senses.
Luca Verga: Accordion / Voice
Moises Mas Garcia: Percussion / Saxophone / Santour
Stephanie Keane: Percussive Dancer
Alvaro Soto: Guitar



Based in County Kildare, they have played around Ireland for the last 3 years, and over the past year, have begun bringing their music into mainland Europe.
Bunoscionn have their own unique take on Irish traditional and folk music, using the different musical backgrounds and influences of each band member.

Bunoscionn draw their influences from the likes of the Dubliners, Bob Marley, the Pogues , Kila, too many to mention really, as well as some local heroes.

With their main arsenal of banjo, whistles, flutes, bodhrán, mandolin, guitars, djembe, drums, bass and blended vocals, the Bunoscionn sound emits an overall warm rootsy feel with enough kick, that has a little something for everyone.


Chase Nova & The Everchanging Bandname

Off-beat melodic rock/funk performed through unorthodox guitar phrasing, soaring vocals, metronomic drums and thunderous low-end with sultry saxophone!
Led by former solo artist, Chase Nova, Chase Nova & The Everchanging Bandname consist of Marta Zduniak on drums, Ken Tuohy on bass and and Seán Kenny on Saxophone. With Chase overseeing songwriting duties, the other musicians focus on providing a vastly varied sonic soundscape; creating individual, dynamic atmospheres for each track while continuously giving a unique and universal overall feel to Chase’s songwriting.

Striving to deliver theatrical and spontaneous live shows, Chase Nova & The ECBN are a force to be reckoned with on the Dublin live music scene

14484670_1157857747595501_8641350907809704119_n.jpg                                                      The Clandestinos

The Clandestinos formed in 2014 in their hometown of Galway. Their intention was to celebrate and pay tribute to the much loved music of reggae, ska and latin and to bring its live atmosphere and vibe to Irish audiences. From classic Jamaican roots reggae, the British ska and punk artists it helped influence, to the latin tinged sounds implemented by the likes of Manu Chao and Buena Vista Social Club; The Clandestinos fuse all of this together in their 7-piece live show with the agenda being to get the high spirits up and to make people move!

Having started out as a more minimal affair in their stage set up, the completed line-up now comprises of acoustic and electric guitars, bass, drums and is completed by a trio of saxophone, trumpet and trombone. Expect Classic Roots favourites, Ska and Punk-Reggae from 80’s era London, groovy latin and a hint of dub here and there for good measure.


Dreaming of Jupiter

Since bursting onto the scene last year, Dublin ambi-electro 3 piece Dreaming of Jupiter, have exploded in a way most bands can only dream of in such a short space of time – and it is very clear to see why. The band successfully blend the oh so popular trend of electronic sounds with some really slick funky grooves, not a million miles away from the Godfather of Groove himself, Mister Nile Rodgers. Add some soulful vocals and a LOT of ambition and you have what seems to be a map to the stars for this astronomical trio. The band, consist of Zoë Gough, Sam Oye and Dave Levins.





FAKOLI is a roots project exploring the rhythms, songs and dances of the Mandingue region of West Africa, modern day Guinea and Mali. Fakoli was the powerful sorcerer of the Sunjata Epic, who came from the blacksmith class, the guardians of the powerful djembe and dunun drums. Expect to feel the rhythm in your core.





Farah Elle

Farah Elle is a songwriter with an alternative pop sound influenced by an eclectic taste of genres; from hiphop to R&B and ska, while featuring Arabian echoes from her Libyan background. She is currently based in Dublin, having moved to Ireland with her family when she was 2. Her rhythmic lyrics, piano driven songs and distinctive voice aim to reveal something of the beauty in the ephemeral everyday. She is currently writing and recording her debut album at her family home – For the meantime, her single “Silk” is available on Spotify, iTunes & Soundcloud.


Kicking Bird

Despite our love of roots music in this country, in the past our home-grown attempts at Americana sometimes just did not ring true. This is definitely not the case with Kicking Bird, as you will see and hear at this years Village they come with confident songs displaying a strong statement of intent.


Molly Sterling



Orchid Collective

Orchid Collective are responsible for creating rousing alternative folk-influenced rock that would resonate with those who are fans of Villagers, James Vincent McMorrow and Bon Iver. Through their own distinct use of vocal harmonies and searing layers of reverbed guitars; Orchid Collective make themselves known as a band that set themselves apart from their contemporaries, offering a bold new imagining of the indie genre.




Oski Bravo

Oski Bravo came together in late 2015 with a simple goal, make some great tunes and wring every last ounce of effort from eachother.

The Dublin five piece started with Donnchadh Egan who rounded up the troups with his beautifully crafted collection of songs with a veiw to getting this show on the road. First up was Keith Cooke, drumming pretty much anything you needed giving a solid foundation for the genre hopping sounds that we delved into. Next up Fiachra Robinson added some beautiful complexity and harmonic sophistication with his cello and musical acumen. John Crowther joined dusting off his guitar collection and rounding out our sonic exploits and finally Ken Murphy hitched a ride with his solid bassiness!




The Rattling Kind

“A different kind of band that stands out among a rake of counterparts that are painfully similar,
their social awareness and technically brilliant musicianship makes for incredible music.”
-Aidan Cuffe, Golden Plec

“If Dylan style vocals and folk pop are your bag, then get into this band right now.” – Kevin Dillon of “Chew Your Own Fat



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Sli na Croi – Malinké music of upper Guinea

Here we will have a group from the South Sligo based school for Malinké dundun & djembe music run by Barra Ó Flanniagh. Keep your ears perked Sat night for some traditional village stlye djembe and dundun drumming & dancing with the village fete kicking off around the sacred ash! Drummers – Barra O Flanniagh, Lez Glasgow, Andy Tyler-White, Lelia O Shaughnessy, Yvonne Platt.



Susie- Blue

“Artist of the week” The Irish Times
“People Like Us is enthralling and addictive” – The Revue
“Irresistibly arresting pop/rock piece that packs an extremely powerful punch” – Pure M
“These guys are destined for great things” – Outcast Magazine
“A songwriter with a knack for weaving hauntingly dark material together” Chordblossom
“With epic Delores Riordan-eque vocals” BBC Across the Line
“You hear a strong-willingness” Redbull Ireland
“Susie Blue has an alternative twist to their sound and look that sets them apart” Chordblossom