We are looking for weekend volunteers to come and help out at The Secret Village Festival 2018.
Volunteers play an important part in the festival and gain entry to the festival in exchange for 7 hours of voluntary work. The Secret Village is a fun friendly festival and has many volunteering opportunities ,it’s a great way to gain experience and meet some great people.
Weekend ticket price will be held as deposit and will be returned at end of final shift, and when we receive your bib. This is a policy operated by all festivals to ensure volunteers show up for their designated shifts.
Volunteers will be required on site Friday 10th August 2018 @ 1pm for induction.
Please arrive 10 mins before your shift starts.
Each volunteer will receive a bib, this MUST be worn at all times while on shift and returned at the end of your shift. If the bib is not returned a fee of €10 will be deducted from your deposit.

In order to apply you will need to:
Read and agree to the volunteer terms and conditions as listed below
* By completing and submitting an application you are agreeing that if your performance is deemed less than satisfactory your bib will be removed and your deposit non refundable.
* These are volunteer roles and no payments will be made.
* Weekend ticket price will be held as deposit and it will be returned at the end of final shift.
* Be 18 years or over by 1st August 2018. Photo ID will be required on arrival.
* Be available at the site by 1pm on Friday 10th August 2018.
* Be available for onsite briefing Friday 10th August at 3pm
* Be available to work one 3 hour shift on the Friday and two 2 hour shifts on the Saturday.
* Be prepared to wear your designated hi vis vest and be easily recognisable as a festival volunteer- all health and safety instructions should be adhered to, for your own protection and safety.
* Bring clothing appropriate for the weather
* If you drop out of working at the festival due to illness, an accident or suffer a bereavement you MUST let us know as soon as possible by contacting thesecretvillagefestival@gmail.com clearly stating cancellation in the subject of your email.
* Volunteers will be wristbanded , and issued with a numbered volunteer vest to be worn when on shift, these will be issued onsite at check in, vests to be returned on completion of shifts at sign out. Wristbands and vests are the responsibility of each individual. Lost wristbands or vests will be replaced at a charge.
* Campsite area will be made available to volunteers and must provide their own camping equipment.
* The main office is to serve as a base for volunteers to get info: sign in and out of shifts, collect return hi vis jackets. We cannot take responsibility for any items left at the office they are left at your own risk, we will not be responsible for lost stolen or damaged belongings.
* Know your team leader and how to contact them.
* Relay information about what is happening in your area to your team leader.
* Be punctual, behave appropriately and safely.
* Be helpful and friendly at all times.
* Be alert at all times.

Volunteers are required to:
* Not leave a post without telling your leader
* Not get angry or frustrated you are the ‘eyes and ears’ of the festival
* Refrain from alcohol or take drugs prior to or during your shift.If you are found unable to work due to alcohol or drug consumption your bib will be removed and your deposit forfeited.
* Refrain from smoking while on shift. If you wish to smoke while on break, please ensure your volunteer vest is not visible.
* Be respectful and helpful to all

Arriving on site Friday 10th August 2018 at 1pm for induction.
Onsite briefing Friday 10th August at 3pm.
Working one 3 hour shift and two 2 hour shifts over the course of the festival.

The weekend volunteer role can include:
* Assisting festival goers with queries, helping carry equipment, help to pitch tents help maintain a glass free festival etc.
* Working at wristband checkpoints
* Reporting any health and safety issues onsite.
* Helping to control vehicular access at production entrance.
* Controlling access to crew areas, campsite, carpark
* To be helpful in emergency situations onsite-directing public to safe areas etc.

When you are off shift return your bib to the office and you are free to enjoy the festival.
If you are interested in earning your festival ticket through volunteering please complete the following form and return it to thesecretvillagefestival@gmail.com with subject Volunteer.

Volunteer Application Form